Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sick Kitty + Valentines Day 2015

I'm weird when it comes to being sick.

When I feel a tickle in my throat - even the slightest indication that I could potentially be starting to get sick - I go into beast wellness mode.

Yeah...I have this weird anxiety around getting sick, most likely because last winter I had a cold for three months.

However, when, inevitably, the tickle in my throat turns into a full-blown phlegm fest, something in my brain changes. Of course, being sick is no fun. However, I manage to find perks in the strangest things.

For example, my most recent sickness (from which I am now recovering) gave me a nasty cough. It sounds like I'm trying to expel satan from my lungs.'s me:

At which point I realize...

Also, being on medicine such as Sudafed has its advantages.

Also, it gives me an excuse to spend my day off in bed without feeling bad for not moving.

Weirdly enough, I additionally operate under the illusion that I am impervious to germs.

All in all, it helps to be able to find the bright side in being sick. Just like, and I must mention this because it was yesterday, finding the bright side in Valentines Day whilst not being in a relationship.

Many people:
Other People:


Basically, EVERYONE was my valentine this year. And these were the result of my labor:
That's me! 

Much love from me and the Kitty, readers. Until next week.

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